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Test Your Skin Microbiome

Sequential Skin has developed the first of its kind skin health test to discover the state of individuals' skin microbiome. People can now deep dive into their Skin Profile to figure out what their skin needs.

Benefits of your Skin Profile


Skin Health

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Understand the state of your skin through your Skin Microbiome Balance Index score


Skin Traits

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Learn about your skin traits through our in-app quiz and solutions for healthier skin


Skin Age

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Discover your skin age and whether or not your skin is older/younger than you are




Unearth how your physical environment is impacting your skin microbiome


Register your kit: Register your kit on our Skin Health Tracker mobile app and answer the in-app quiz.

Sequential Skin has developed the Skin Microbiome Test Kit to discover the state of skin microbiomes.
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Our Testing Technology

Our microbiome test is the most comprehensive test on the market. We use a method known as quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) that looks at specific markers in your skin microbiome and how they impact your skin. Our microbiome markers were generated in an ISO 13485 (medical devices) and CAP-accredited lab, ensuring the quality, accuracy and reliability of our results.

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Skin Health Testing Kit

Skin Health Testing Kit

Partner with Sequential Skin to bring our innovative skin health test to your customers. Give them an in-depth analysis of what lies on the surface of their skin and how best to increase its overall wellbeing.

Sequential Skin is an award-winning scientist with a mission to empower individuals to make better-informed decisions about their skin health.
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